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Marshall JVM410H Guitar Amplifier Head

£1,593 £2,211
Marshall JVM410H HeadThe Marshall JVM410H head is possibly Marshalls most versatile amplifier to date. As you would expect, this is a 100% pure valve driven box of lovelyness with many hidden extras inside. Needless to say youll get all the great tones that can be found on the TSL & DSL ranges, but the JVM410H takes it one step further. (to eleven if you will) Firstly you get an extra channel to play with, making 4 in total, and with 3 modes per channel - youll be sculpting tones youd never thought it possible to sculpt before! In addtion to this the JVM410H features independent volume/gain & reverb controls for each channel and dual programable master volumes, which is perfect if youve got a complicated live/studio set up. With fewer channeled amps, what sounds right on 1 channel may sound totally out of place on another, and these independant controls allow you to be more exacting with your sounds. Add to this a silent recording mode and 128 programmable Midi system, and its easy to see why the JVM410H is a popular choice for professionals and amatures alike. Highly versatile, and sounds great! Perfect!Heres what Marshall say about the JVM410H HeadMARSHALL JVM410H 100W HEAD The JVM Series 100-watt, valve-driven power stage is built on the classic design responsible for the legendary Marshall roar found in the JCM800, 2203 and plexi Super Lead amplifiers -- a timeless foundation for countless classic rock and metal guitar tones for over 4 decades. Featuring a quartet of EL34 valves, this peerless design has been expertly crafted to compliment the extraorinary wealth of tones found in the JVM.

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