Dennis Stratton

Iron Maiden - Gibson Les Paul


1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Faded Orange - Owned by Iron Maiden guitarist Dennis Stratton (1979/80).

In 1979 Dennis Stratton joined the upcoming band “Iron Maiden” and the iconic album “Iron Maiden” was recorded and released the same year.

This beautiful Les Paul Custom, was played on that first iconic Iron Maiden album, famous for songs such as “Running Free” and “Phantom of the Opera”.
It was a breakthrough album for Iron Maiden, making there mark in the heavy metal world. This guitar was used to record that first album and was used on all Maiden gigs, TV appearances and tours from 1979-1980.
Maiden we’re regulars at the famous Ruskin Arms E6 where the guitar was played at all performances (see YouTube).

The Les Paul can be seen when “Iron Maiden” featured on “top of the pops” in March 1980 when Maiden played “Running Free”.

The iconic “Phantom of the Opera” intro was also used on the Lucozade advert for TV in the 80’s.

It can also be heard on the 1980 Lionheart album “Hot Tonight” and many more singles, albums and TV appearances from 1980-1986.

It can also be heard on many Praying Mantis albums, singles and TV appearances when Dennis joined the band in 1990. In 1998 Dennis was endorsed by Carvel Jackson
and the Les Paul was put into retirement, where it has been stored ever since.

In the 1990’s the guitar was refinished from Sunburst to a beautiful Faded Orange by the renowned guitar refinisher, Dick Knight Workshops
of Addleston, UK.

This guitar is a piece of heavy metal history, not only introducing Maiden to the world but help making the sound of one of the top heavy metal bands to this day!!!!!!

The Les Paul has its original tuners, pickups and comes with its original case.

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